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Ibrahim Badshah​

I am a translator, and currently a PhD scholar at the Department of English, University of Houston. Born in Thrissur District of Kerala, India, I obtained a BA degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Calicut. I received intensive training in Arabic Language and Islamic studies from KKHM Islamic and Arts College. I finished the master’s degree program in Arabic Language and Literature with a concentration on Translation, and earned the title ‘Wafy’. I joined the University of Delhi for an MA program in English and later for a PhD, which I eventually dropped out, for my current PhD program at the University of Houston. My primary focus is on translation theory, especially that concerns the East. In an attempt to theorize the translation practices in the East, I am trying to look beyond the inherently Euro-centric translation theories. My interests also include Postcolonial literature and theory, World Literature,  Cosmopolitanism,  Migration literature and Indo-Arab relations.

Having a passion and penchant for translation, I translated novels and short stories from Arabic as well as from English to Malayalam. That includes novels and short stories by Man Booker International winning author, Jokha Al-Harthi, The International Prize for Arabic Fiction winning author, Saud Al-Sanousi, a novel by The Hindu Literary Prize-winning author, Manoranjan Byapari, among others. I aspire to outline a project to decolonize translation in near future. Reach out if you are interested in such a project and can collaborate.

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(Translation of Jokha Al-Harthi’s Man Booker International winning Sayyidaat al-Qamar) Published by Olive publications

(Translation of Jokha Al-Harthi’s Narinjah) Published by Olive publications

(Translation of Saud Al-Sanousi’s Saaq al-Bamboo) To be published by Way Books

(Translation of Manoranjan Byapari’s There is Gunpowder in the Air) Published by Eka, Westland

(Translation of Mujeeb Jaihoon’s The Cool Breeze from Hind) Published by Olive publications

(Translation of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) To be published by Manjul publications

(Translation of Erling Kagge’s Silence) To be published by VeeCee books.

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