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Madhura Narakam

Madhura Narakam (The Orange Tree) is the Malayalam translation of Man Booker International winning author, Jokha Al-Harthi’s novel titled Narinjah. Originally written in 2016, the novel is a first person narrative. The novel’s protagonist Zuhoor who studies in a foreign University, recalls some images from her time spent with family in Oman. 

during her life as a student in a foreign university, recalls some images from her days with her family in Oman. This nostalgic flashback majorly revolves around two intertwined images; her grandmother and an old orange tree. The novel also deals with the complexities of relationships between themselves, through the metaphor of their relationship with the nature. Al-Harthi’s philosophy on love is more evident in this novel. The Malayalam translation, published in 2020, translated the pictures in the novel, primarily because of its close resemblance to the landscape that Malayalam literature has been historically trying to portray.

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KV Anoop Smaraka Kalalaya Prathibha Puraskaram 2019

Contributions to the Malayalam translation field qualified him for the prestigious KV Anoop memorial award which is given to the emerging geniuses in the field of art and literature.

Ibrahim Badshah

I am a translator, and currently a PhD fellow at the Department of English, University of Houston.

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Published articles, poem translations…

“Jokhayude pennungal” (“The women of Jokha”)

The article analyses the female characters in Jokha Al-Harthi’s
two novels; Sayyidaat-ul-Qamar and Narinjah, in an attempt to
understand the nature of female representation in modern Arab
fiction. It also puts emphasis on the themes of love, marriage,
and family, in order to draw a picture of the cultural landscape
of the Arab world, especially Oman.


“Pranayini” (“Beloved”) is the translation of Jokha Al-Harthi’s short story “Mahboob”, which appeared in her short story collection titled Sabiyy ‘Ala Ssath. The story portrays the complicated relationship between a husband and wife in their old age. The mystery of seeming amnesia of either of them confuses the readers as we fail to recognize who has his/her memory intact, especially as the timeline of the story goes in spirals.