Whitman Indie press is a non-profit, bespoke, publishing house in Kerala, India. Its publishing list includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and academic press titles.
Mission – A student start-up; we bale us as an infrequent press that challenges the conventional voice. We are open to ‘unheard melodies’ those deliquesce in the mainstream chaos; your deft, experimental, and lucid language deconstructing the artistic flux.
Vikram Seth famously wrote, “The world is a bridge. Pass over it, / Building no house upon it. / Acceptance may come with time; / Rest, then disquieted heart.” Our bridge, one like Monet’s or Munch’s, doesn’t matter; we build them between your words and the tarrying reader.
Our ideal partners in art are people who have little to no interests in corporate publishing. We aim to gather original voices.

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